M Aerospace RTC



M Aerospce RTC es seleccionado para participar en Mass Challenge Round 2

 Estamos Orgullosos que M Aerospace RTC sea elegido para participar en la segunda ronda de Mass Challenge Houston, el cual es un programa de Aceleración para Startups reconocido a nivel mundial.


A21 News

 A21 News has mention M Aerospace RTC as part of his support for provided free 3D Design for Hospital Mattress to everyone interest on manufacturing them and donated them to hospital. So all the 3D models and drawings are available thru our website. 


We visited Tico Electronics in Costa Rica

At M AEROSPACE RTC we know how important it is to generate strategic alliances to offer the best solutions to our clients.

We visited Costa Rica and meet Esteban Carrillo, president of the leading company in the electronic industry in Costa Rica called Tico Electronic, as well as a visit from the National Technical University of Costa Rica to strengthen the development of additive manufacturing.


M Aerospace RTC Supports the National Strike

March 9, 2020 is a historic day for Mexico, in support of the feminist movement, we will give the free day to the female collaborators.


Privity & M Aerospace RTC Partnership

We are glad to announce a new partnership with Privity,  an independent consulting firm in Dubai. They are dedicated to finding entrepreneurs with interesting and unique ideas to help them develop and grow.


Pitch at GIAS2020 to UAE Director

Our Engineering Director Juan Munguía pitch in front of minister of dubai and director of aviation UAE  Saif Al Suwaidi  hanks to Intelak IIncubation


M Aerospace RTC at GIAS 2020

M Aerospace RTC is glad to be participating on the GIAS2020 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates from the 27 - 29 January 2020, so if everyone is going would be glad to get in touch with our engineering director .


M Aerospace at NSE 2019

Visit M Aerospace RTC Pitch Session next Thursday 12 of December at the New Space Economy European Expoforum 2019 at 12pm, for a presentation of our capabilities..


Formnext 2019 Success

Our Engineering Director participated at Formnext 2019 for an interesting discussion about the future of AM on the Aerospace Sector.


Participation at Space Tech Expo Pitch Session

M Aerospace RTC was glad to participated at Space Tech Expo at Bremen surrounded by the 10 start ups that successfully present.


BC Aero 2018

M Aerospace RTC at BC Aero 2018 at Rosarito, B.C. Mexico with the company of SAMPE Mexico´s President Bill Castañeda and Hexcell´s  Manager Edmundo Ortiz


Start Up Games 2018

Our Engineering Director at M Aerospace RTC was selected to participated on the Start Up Games 2018. 


M Aerospace RTC at CETYS Universidad Mexicali


Pitch at Space Tech Expo

See you soon at Space Tech Expo for our pitch session of our Engineering Director Juan Carlos Munguia which has being selected for the only mexican company to competed against other 9 European  startups



Live Streaming

This October 30 of October please join our live streaming of the Seminar “Transformación Digital en la Industria Aeroespacial"  .




SAE Winter Meeting

 Our engineering director was glad to participated on SAE Additive Manufacture Meeting at Huntsville Alabama thanks to Carpenter Technologies for being an excellent sponsor. 


Glad to be Invited to Hannover Messe 2019 México

Our Engineer Walter Cesar has received a formal invitation to participated on the panel called "Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing" at León Guanajuato this October 11, 2019. As part of our collaboration with Pathways Technologies.



On September 17th we had the joy of receiving an award for launching the project "simulation of the cargo compartment on a comercial plane through virtual reality". We want to thank Francisco Gallego Monje and CETYS University for all the support.


FESTO Training at M Aerospace RTC

As part of our continuos improvement last Wednesday 28 of August of 2019, M Aerospace RTC received at his facility in CETYS University the team of FESTO for a basic programming course. Thanks to all the assitance and instructors.


M Aerospace RTC at Mexico Aerospace Summit 2019

M Aerospace RTC was presented on Mexico Aerospace Summit 2019 thanks to the support of Techba. Hoping you were able pass thru the stand.


Thanks to El Economista and A21

Thanks to Rosario Aviles and the interview she made for M Aerospace RTC at "El Economista" and "A21. For more details follow the links:




M Aerospace RTC at Bajamed Summit 2019

M Aerospace RTC participated on Baja Med 2019 Summit to show some of their medical printing capabilities including SLA printing.


M Aerospace RTC at 3D Metal Printing Conference

M Aerospace RTC was invited to participated at the 3D Metal Printing Event Called "Mexico Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Conference" as a guest honor, our engineering director would be talking about how this industry is evolving and what is coming on 2019.


UK Embassy Invitation

The past May 22 of 2019, M Aerospace RTC received the invitation from the UK Embassador Corin Robertson at the UK Embassy in Mexico to talk about DIT´s economy, surrounded by talent people from Tekmann and Avalon looking for further projects together.


Aviation Technology Forum 2019

Our Engineering Director spoke at the Conference called " Additive Review, Perspective and Challenges " at the Aviation Technology Forum at Shangai on June of 2019. For more information of the event go to:  https://www.sae.org/attend/aviation-technology-forum 



During the week of 23 to 26 of April 2019 our Engineering Director participated on the Semi-Annual SAE AMS Committee Meeting at SLM Solutions Headquarters at Lübeck, Germany. To get more information go to: https://www.sae.org/ 


M Aerospace Participation on the IV ICSB Mexico

Our Engineering Director Juan Carlos Munguia provided a Brief Introduction about the Additive Challenges and Perspective for Aerospace Sector at the IV ICSB Congress at Ensenada, Baja California. (2019)


M Aerospace RTC at V2 Pitch Competition

M Aerospace RTC was selected  as one of the Mexican Companies to participated on 2018 at the University of San Diego on the famous V2 Pitch Competition.


Boeing Visit M Aerospace RTC

In a Join Venture with CETYS University last March 2019, M Aerospace RTC received Michael Anderson & Raj Talwar from the Boeing Company R&D Group. Special thanks for their continuous support.